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EMIT - One Year Executive Master's in International Trade

This well – knit fast track programme is ideally suited for working Executives, Professionals and young Entrepreneurs from Trade, Industry, Business sector, service organizations / Govt. dept. The programme consists most of the essential topics of almost all the programme and will be immensely beneficial specially for MBA / PG / MNC Executives and other candidates who are very mobile and has extreme time constrains but can grasp things faster.
Key objectives:
  • To prepare the Participant for professional careers in the management of International marketing / Business operations.
  • To enable the participant appreciate the inter – relationship of the diverse and complex tasks of International Marketing / Business operations, concepts, techniques, tools and procedures.
  • To help the participants develop analytical skills to identify International Marketing / Business opportunities to determine conditions for access to potential markets and to take necessary steps to achieve the objectives in the context of internal as well as external constraints.
  • To promote among the future business executive a scientific approach and capability to undertake senior managerial responsibilities in International Marketing / Business.
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